The Ultimate Coping Skill in a World Gone Mad


We humans have a big problem.

We expect everything to be perfect – just the way we want it.

But life doesn’t offer us that. Instead, it offers us chaos, problems, time constraints, stress and a whole lot of difficult people.

It’s easy to be negative these days.

I often hear people say that no matter how hard they try, things still don’t go their way.

Never before have we had so many people just give up and complain.

Each day has struggles and frustration. We often see other people as “problems” rather than assets. And while we want to be kinder and gentler, some days, that seems to be impossible – and our only desire is to scream.

At the core of all this is expectation.

We “expect” things to be perfect, but because the world is a messy, disorganized place, we can never get what we expect.

So what if we expect chaos? What if we anticipated conflict at every turn, problems galore and believed that each person was going to give us a rough time?

While we might never be disappointed – I’m not sure that’s a peaceful way to live either.

The key, I have learned, is neutrality – the ability to see the outside world as neither consoling and loving, nor destructive and painful.

That’s reality. The world is indifferent. It’s not out to get us, as much as we might think it is. The world is just busy doing it’s own crazy stuff.

Neutrality gives us strength. The power of acceptance.

It allows us to stop the fight. Because make no mistake about it – if we fight what is, then we’re fighting a losing battle and it will eat us up.

As you look to the week ahead, perhaps staring at an impossible schedule, facing what you believe will be very difficult situations, with “impossible” people – I challenge you to take a neutral stance.

Nothing will get under your skin. You’ll face whatever comes. And you will smile.

4 thoughts on “The Ultimate Coping Skill in a World Gone Mad

  1. Awesome article as always. Cannot agree more with you. Expectation is the root cause of all misery and prepare your mind for anything and everything

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  2. Excellent article. Just one thing, how does the world develop and change if we do not develop and change. I absolutely agree about acceptance and not expecting that we are owed a living but then the thing for me is not about having more and more material stuff it is about living and appreciating each day for what is in it not always successful at that however life for me is the scary stuff developing growing giving sharing observing helping and trying to be patient and grateful for everything that has blessed my life

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    1. I don’t know if I agree with you or not. I don’t find the world such a difficult place but maybe my expectations aren’t high. All I do know is that I am generally happy and have much to be thankful for…even some of the not so great things that happen often lead to good things. Life isn’t perfect because people aren’t perfect…we need to remember that.

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  3. Isn’t this also the leading principle of Buddhism, to improve accepting better what is there, and not add to the suffering by wanting always more, too much more expectation…

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