About Cory

Cory is the CEO of Galbraith Communications, a corporation that specializes in streaming media technologies. A former journalist, he remains an avid writer on ways to improve our lives, be happier and achieve success as we define it.

We all ask “What is the meaning to life?” But, it’s the wrong question. The real question needs to be: “What meaning will you give to your life?”

This collection of blogs is designed to help you answer that critical question.

Dear friend: I have had many careers, and today enjoy success as an entrepreneur. Like you, I have experienced my share of ups and downs – once being unemployed and depressed to the point where I was unable to secure any work, not even as a delivery driver.

My self-esteem plummeted.

I learned that it was how I viewed myself which makes all the difference. Once I believed in myself, things started to happen – and very quickly.

That is my hope for you as well. If my blog can trigger a thought in your mind and encourage you to fulfill your destiny, then these pages have done their job.

Despite all of the conflict in the world, people are all basically the same. We just need to see that and learn how to support one another.

9 thoughts on “About Cory

  1. Hi Cory,
    I just happened to come across your post on Einstein on LinkedIn and just enjoyed the way you put things across.
    Even your bio above is touching.
    I’d love to add you on LinkedIn but it won’t let me 😅

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  2. Hi Cory, I find you here after mutual shares at LINKED in. I quite enjoy your take on things and have similarly walked the same. Having had many positions- heck, one year I had 22 jobs… Another story in itself.
    Life is certainly everything we make because of, with and for. All of the energies, life’s blood and motivations are our own to find… And appreciated when achieved.
    Life is what WE choose it.
    I would like ( if possible to connect via email ), if you would be so kind RSVP.
    Cory, Warm regards, Cath

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