Lessons in Innovation from History‚Äôs Beauty Magnate

She never told her age. It was only when she died in 1966 that the world discovered Elizabeth Arden had lived for 88 years. A woman before her time, this amazing Canadian-born entrepreneur almost single handily launched the modern day cosmetics industry. In the early 1900’s, lipstick was associated with prostitutes. But Arden changed all […]

Fired and Over 40?

A few friends of mine I worked with many years ago recently got let go, and it happened on this day of the week. Friday. Now, with most of their careers behind them, they face an uncertain future. This post is for anyone over 40 finding themselves without a job and contemplating self-employment. “You” incorporated […]

Create Your Own Job in 2016

Millions of people continue to apply for something that is increasingly rare – a full time job. The U.S. government estimates that 35 per cent of all workers are currently contractors or freelancers. This number is expected to hit an astounding 50 per cent in the next ten years. But, there is no security in […]