Is the Devil Out to Get you?

I often wonder about evil. What exactly is it? Where does it come from? Is there a little bit of it in all of us? Does it live in your workplace? Are there such things as demons, and what about the biggest evil-doer of all, some one – or some thing – called the devil? […]

Your Purpose is to Create

I just produced a mini documentary on YouTube. Nobody has watched it. Nobody except me, even though it’s in the public domain. That does not matter. Because I just wanted to see if I could do it. I will be publishing on amazon too, and I may start a photography business that specializes in “fun” […]

You can help take away someone’s pain

It’s the middle of the night. And I’m still awake. I replay my nightly thoughts of how things aren’t working out the way I had hoped. My life is in limbo. I am tired – so very tired, yet my mind is unbelievably restless. It’s shooting in a thousand directions.  Nothing has worked, so my […]

Set Your Own Agenda

Many of us today are on hold. We see the world in chaos and have made the subconscious decision to wait for a better day. I see many professional procrastinators. “Why do today what you can put off to tomorrow?” would seem to be the motto by which many now live. I’ve been on hold […]

In 2019, I want to “Live” Rather than “Exist”

I want to liberate myself. Be who I want to be – give meaning to my life, be a positive influence, “live” rather than “exist” and make a difference. It is time for us to let go of the world that was – false prophets, fake people, wrong direction, mindless routines and loveless relationships. Let […]

There are no Ghosts. Really?

I recently visited the home where I was raised – the same house, where as a child, I heard noises upstairs when nobody was there. We all heard it. The sound of footsteps on the stairs, a door shutting or a window closing – all when nobody was present. One morning on my stay, after […]