How I Overcome Thoughts that Torture


Many of us spend a good amount of time worrying about our loved ones.

We love them so much that the thought of them being hurt, experiencing great pain or of dying – tears us apart. Deep inside, we know that they will indeed go through hell one day. And that we will too. None of us will escape this world alive.

That knowledge haunts us in the quiet of night.

We worry about, and warn, our family members of the dangers which lurk around every corner, ready to disrupt our happy lives. We remind a spouse to take it easy on the roads because “there are a lot of nuts out there.” We torture ourselves over the many things that could happen to our young, innocent children when sent off to school. We read the headlines about a world gone mad and wonder when the insanity will make its way into our homes.

Many of us try to distract ourselves from the endless stream of fearful thoughts. When might cancer take a loved one? Will a horrible road accident permanently disfigure someone we care about deeply? Will a parent or child travelling abroad be met with an untimely, suspicious death? Our minds will not stop these horrific questions.

But I have learned to do one thing, which has given me comfort, albeit a small amount. It’s called faith. I know that the people who are close to me, both family members and friends, are very smart. They are careful. Most have amazing resilience and often surprise themselves to learn how strong they really are.

I have chosen to put my faith in the powers of those I love. I have also put my faith in God, the Universe and all the things that can, and do, protect us, every day.

And if one day, it should come to pass, that despite all of the intelligence and strength we possess – circumstance decides that some of us are to be removed from this world sooner than expected – my faith will be in my own ability to cope, endure and try to understand that pain, disruption and dying are part of life and creation.

As we slide into the holiday season, I wish for you – the strength of faith. The ability to enjoy the present. And the power to accept whatever will be.

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