Running a business in the age of COVID

It all happened in the span of about a week in early March. Every contract cancelled. My business went from doing the best it ever has – something which took many years for me to build – to being wiped out in a few days. I couldn’t blame my clients. They were scared. Very scared. […]

How Will You Use Your Time Today?

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about time – how quickly it disappears, and how much I sometimes want it to just stop. Each day, for weeks, I woke up, knowing that my own inability to focus and tendency to just mindlessly surf the web, combined with inevitable interruptions from other people, would result […]

How to Find Your True Calling – Lessons From the Man Named Bell

He refused to have a phone in his office calling it a “distraction”, spent most nights reading the Encyclopedia Britannica, and almost worked himself to death. Alexander Graham Bell, credited with inventing the telephone, followed his curiosity to discover his purpose. For millions suffering from a lack of direction, Bell’s life is a blueprint for […]

The Ultimate Coping Skill in a World Gone Mad

We humans have a big problem. We expect everything to be perfect – just the way we want it. But life doesn’t offer us that. Instead, it offers us chaos, problems, time constraints, stress and a whole lot of difficult people. It’s easy to be negative these days. I often hear people say that no […]

Can you say “I Don’t Know”?

Three of the greatest words in the English language are “I Don’t Know.” Many people today claim to have all the answers. They do not. Activists believe they are fighting for the right causes. Politicians argue that they have the solutions. Your boss may be a “know it all” and your friends think they know […]

Little Things Matter

I recently had a contractor renovate a part of my house. At first, everything was great. He was personable, friendly, helpful and paid a lot of attention to what me and my wife wanted. After he secured the job – he came to the house and I greeted him at the door. Rather than acknowledging […]

Ancient Advice for a New Year

Sometimes the best advice comes from thousands of years ago. These ancient scribes have a lot to say about how we should live and do business in 2017. “What we achieve inwardly will change outer reality.” – Greek Philosopher Plutarch This was a hard lesson for me to learn. When I was unemployed and depressed, […]