Can you say “I Don’t Know”?


Three of the greatest words in the English language are “I Don’t Know.”

Many people today claim to have all the answers.

They do not.

Activists believe they are fighting for the right causes.

Politicians argue that they have the solutions.

Your boss may be a “know it all” and your friends think they know what is best for you.

We believe that saying “I don’t Know” is unacceptable because it makes us look weak, uninformed or “stupid”.

Parents make things up when speaking to their children, employees lie, and corporate leaders point the way to nowhere – all willing to say just about anything to avoid “I don’t know.”

We may purport to know.

But everyone knows…

…that we don’t.

Not really.

It takes great strength to be honest and admit when we just do not know.

Those brave enough to say the words, rather than being seen as ignorant and foolish, are viewed as transparent and upfront – to be trusted.

The greatest thing about “I don’t Know” is the part that follows: “But I’ll find out.”

Those three magic words open up a whole new world of discovery, experimentation, research, curiosity, determination, will power and ultimately – new found knowledge.

If there’s something you don’t know today, what will you say?

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