Getting Older Isn’t That Bad

In a month from now I will turn 60 years old – an age I once considered “really old”. One of the strangest things about getting older is the realization that other people you once thought of as much more advanced than you – are, in fact, only a few years older. I was shocked […]

How to be Successful in Spite of Yourself

At age 9, he was kicked in the head by a horse. He once almost drowned. He suffered from malaria, a disease transmitted by mosquitoes that has the power to kill. He disliked his first name, preferring that people refer to him by his last name. A store he owned with a partner went under, […]

Use Your Imagination – Advice from Edgar Allan Poe

He considered himself to be insane, saying he had “long intervals of horrible sanity,” skipped a meeting with the President of the United States because he was drunk, and died under mysterious circumstances.  Famous writer Edgar Allan Poe left a legacy of wild, creative thinking. This bizarre, troubled genius of history can teach us today […]

You Can Become the One

Today, many of us are looking for a savior. We’re looking for that one other special person who will love us. That special person we can talk to. That person who understands us. In a sea of social media verbiage, we yearn for human contact. Recent studies show that the most contented people (and the […]

Why So Many are So Frustrated

We are told to be happy, eat less, exercise more, be more open, be better leaders, better employees, and better people. There is just one problem with all of this self-help advice. The emphasis is on getting to a better place, which in turn, reinforces the fact that right now – we’re in a less […]

Happiness Needs to be Earned

In a recent survey, people were asked that if they could magically be made happy every single day, for no reason at all – would they go for it? Surprisingly, many said no. Why would that be? Isn’t happiness the ultimate goal? It turns out, people need to feel as though they’ve earned their happiness. […]