Set Your Own Agenda


Many of us today are on hold. We see the world in chaos and have made the subconscious decision to wait for a better day.

I see many professional procrastinators.

“Why do today what you can put off to tomorrow?” would seem to be the motto by which many now live.

I’ve been on hold too.

Waiting for just the right moment.

But somehow, the right moment never seems to come.

And so – days go by, weeks turn into months, and months into years.

I woke up this morning and finally said, to hell with the world.

I’m going to set the agenda. Build my own timetable.

And get things done.

And it won’t matter one bit what is happening around me.

Determination and laser focus are the qualities that perform miracles.

Deep down, we know this. But still – we hesitate.

Now, I have grown weary of hesitation.

I am tired of waiting.

And that’s a good thing.

Let us shed the chains of delay.

Invigorate ourselves with action. Any kind of action.

We may take a wrong turn. Or things may not turn out the way we planned.

But we have the power to modify, fine tune, stop and restart.

Wait for no-one. The negativity, insecurity and jealousy of others must not prevent us from moving forward.

Let them have their own agenda.

We shall have ours.

Worry not about being overwhelmed because it’s about taking small steps.

There are no mistakes – only learning opportunities.

That first step is in our minds – the decision to proceed.

Whatever your dreams, hopes and passions. Release them.

It’s time to set your own agenda.

The world be damned.

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