We’re More Similar Than We Think

Today, people emphasize their differences from one another. It leads to argument, broken relationships and in a larger context – war. Yet, science tells us we are all closely related and pretty much the same. One scientific study by Dr. Georgia Purdom of Ohio State University indicates that the genetic variation between all people is […]

Will God Protect Us in 2017?

The year gone by was rough, mean and shocking. Millions have asked why God allowed such a year. Why he or she would permit massive suffering can boggle the mind and foster anger. Many of us will ask the question again in the year to come. If you believe in God, you may also believe […]

Three Ways to a Better World According to the Chief

He was a poet, world famous actor and movie star, musician, construction worker and logger. Canadian Chief Dan George, who died in 1981 – believed in the day our troubled world would be peaceful and loving. His advice, now long forgotten, is resurrected here – at a time in history when love seems so far […]

How You Think Will Determine Your Wealth

Do you buy lottery tickets? I have a lot of friends who do. And they believe that’s the only way they’ll ever have any money. The “lottery” mentality is what keeps people from being wealthy. People who attract wealth think differently from others. Adopt the following ways of thinking and your life will likely change […]

What is the Purpose of Life?

We have all asked “What is the purpose of Life?” and nobody has yet come up with the definitive answer. I am asking the question again this day in the hope that we can find answers to lift ourselves up from the tedium of existence, making life less of a struggle and more of a […]