How You Think Will Determine Your Wealth


Do you buy lottery tickets?

I have a lot of friends who do. And they believe that’s the only way they’ll ever have any money.

The “lottery” mentality is what keeps people from being wealthy. People who attract wealth think differently from others. Adopt the following ways of thinking and your life will likely change dramatically for the better.

You’re being watched

Most of us don’t realize that we are being judged every moment. Our friends, co-workers, boss, employees, and family members – all are listening carefully to what we say and do, and how we react to circumstances.

People are starving for leadership. They are looking for someone to set a good example. You are among those they will consider.

Always be courteous, kind and compassionate. Let others see that you are worth following and being heard.

Your reputation of being a cool, balanced and trustworthy person will help attract wealth.

Wealth can be a good thing

People with money know that wealth is not evil. It’s true that money in and of itself cannot buy happiness, but it can be used to help other people and the world in general.

If we use our wealth to assist others, then the acquisition of wealth is a worthy goal. You cannot give what you do not have. It is what we do with wealth that determines its value.

Earning is better than saving

We are told from the time we are very young that we must save money. There is nothing wrong with this, but an “earning” mindset will produce greater wealth, and faster. Think “earn.”

Replace entertainment with learning

Look at the people you know in life. For many, being entertained is their top priority. Entertainment burns up money. But spending time learning new things will create money.

Know that the world is run on emotion, not logic

Most people assume that the stock market is run on logic and organized systems. It’s not. It’s run on greed, fear and panic.

That’s true of many things in the world. The human race is programmed to operate mainly on emotion. Always keeping this in mind in and of itself will help protect and expand your financial affairs.

Create, do not compete

Business today is based on innovation. Replace a “competition” mindset with a “creation” mindset. See your purpose as being to create. It may be a better way of planning, a way to make things go faster. Or an idea to make things easier for people. You can do this in a job, or as a business owner. The best way to move up is through creation.

Be a cheerleader

If you told your friends that you’re planning to be the boss at work, or that you will run a multi-million dollar company – how would they react? Most will put you down. Most will not encourage you. People view success as evil, and they don’t want you to elevate yourself beyond what they see as their own lowly position.

People who do well are also cheerleaders for others. They want others to succeed and do not harbor jealousy.

It’s not what you do, but who you are

How you portray yourself to the world has an enormous impact on what opportunities will come your way.  I learned this the hard way as a young entrepreneur who ignored his appearance. My wrinkled clothes sent the wrong message.

But projecting a confident “you” is about much more than just how you dress. It’s about believing in yourself. It’s about talking in a way that doesn’t show self-doubt.

Many people assume that what they do will determine success. While your actions are important, your character – authenticity and integrity – are paramount.

It’s about service to others

If we focus only on money, it can be hard to come by. But if we put the emphasis on service to others, cash flow will be a natural by-product.

The world is willing to pay you if you can help it, even in small ways.

Have an “improvement” mindset

People with wealth are always looking to make things better. There is a false belief out there that the only way to make money is to come up with a big idea. Most fortunes are not made that way. They are made by hard working people who concentrate on incremental growth – improving services and products a little bit at a time.

Sometimes, an improvement can simply be pleasantly surprising people. When an old friend of mine who owned a moving company decided to leave behind flowers after every job – he put a smile on the face of his clients. That one tiny change created clients for life.

Take on responsibility

People who advance in their careers never say “that’s not my job.” They welcome more responsibility, and over time, climb the ladder of success.

The truth is – we all have the same 24 hours in a day.

But our attitude – how we view ourselves and how we understand the world – is what will separate people who attract opportunity and those who do not.

The single most important factor in your financial success is how you think.

You can have a fresh outlook starting today and put yourself on a path of security, service and contribution. 

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