Running a business in the age of COVID

It all happened in the span of about a week in early March. Every contract cancelled. My business went from doing the best it ever has – something which took many years for me to build – to being wiped out in a few days. I couldn’t blame my clients. They were scared. Very scared. […]

Leadership is an Emotional Thing

The other day I attended a presentation by the CEO of a major corporation. He smiled and greeted everyone, then proceeded to talk about the numbers. Profit and loss. Trends. The audience listened, but I could tell that nobody was getting very excited about any of this. Some were yawning. Many were checking their phones […]

How You Think Will Determine Your Wealth

Do you buy lottery tickets? I have a lot of friends who do. And they believe that’s the only way they’ll ever have any money. The “lottery” mentality is what keeps people from being wealthy. People who attract wealth think differently from others. Adopt the following ways of thinking and your life will likely change […]

Robert E, We Need You Now

General Robert E. Lee came very close to changing the course of world history. But it was not so much his talent on the battlefield that earned him universal respect – it was his character. Indeed, General Lee of the U.S. civil war, was the kind of leader we so desperately need today. 1. Leadership […]

Cicero: 7 Ways to be an Outstanding Manager

He was one of the greatest public speakers of ancient Rome. Philosopher, lawyer and politician Marcus Cicero, would end up murdered. But while he lived, he expressed a management philosophy that is remarkably relevant to today’s rough and tumble business world. In practicing the sage advice of Cicero, we can become outstanding managers. 1. “ I criticize […]