The Incredibly Easy Thing You Can Do To Make A Difference In This World


Everywhere we go these days, we hear complaints.

People complain about everything. And if they cannot find something to complain about – they will complain about all of the complaining.

The act of tearing down, it seems, is a full time occupation.

But unless we use our voice to encourage, rather than discourage, this old world of ours will not get any better.

Actor Will Smith says his life is all about making the lives of others just a little bit better. He is determined to make his life meaningful, and he knows that won’t happen if all he did was complain.

But Smith also says we don’t need to be a great person, to make a big contribution. We can use our voice for good. Anyone can.

Today, as you interact with other people, and as you engage on social media – use your voice to uplift, encourage and support.

Frankly, the world needs you to do that. And it needs you to do it urgently.

If you ever believed you were insignificant, that what you said did not matter, and that your words will simply get lost in the clutter – know this: a voice that encourages is so rare, so foreign and so charged with potential, that it will be heard like thunder.

Once unleashed, your words of encouragement work like rain water, gradually seeping down and nourishing the inner mind of the recipient, who often, will take action based on that encouragement, much later in life.

Such was the case with Arianna Huffington.

The author, actress and co-founder of the Huffington Post likes to tell the story of her mother’s encouragement. “She made me feel that I could aim for the stars. And if I failed along the way, that is okay. Failure is not the opposite of success, she used to say, it’s a stepping stone to success.”

And so, our voice of encouragement can produce results many years later. It can plant the seeds for tomorrow’s better world.

We have that power – the incredible power to motivate another human being.

Even if you, yourself, are down and troubled – your words can transform the lives of others.

We seldom use that power today. It’s as though we are afraid to, perhaps because it’s not the “in” thing to do, or because we mistakenly believe that our words will ring hollow – but speak we must.

An encouraging voice is the catalyst for action, sometimes not just for one, but for many.

John Kennedy, Eleanor Roosevelt and Martin Luther King were among those who used their voice to free millions.

Think of the people who encouraged you in your life. Your success today may well be traced to those words from long ago.

Your voice.

Your amazing, powerful, influential voice.


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