The Ultimate Coping Skill in a World Gone Mad

We humans have a big problem. We expect everything to be perfect – just the way we want it. But life doesn’t offer us that. Instead, it offers us chaos, problems, time constraints, stress and a whole lot of difficult people. It’s easy to be negative these days. I often hear people say that no […]

Make Sure Work Fits in with Your Values

Here’s the truth – many organizations today are operating against the values being adopted by more and more people. And that’s the source of a lot of unhappiness. Despite all the horrific things going on in the world today, something good has happened in recent years, especially among young people who want to make a […]

Will you be Mindful Today?

I was pacing in the office. Back and forth, like I do most mornings – walking 10 feet one way, then 10 feet the other way – not thinking about anything in particular. Finally, I grabbed a cup of coffee and sat down at my computer. I was hunched, uncomfortable as always, triggering pain in […]

How Mindfulness Cured My Headaches

For weeks, I experienced strange headaches. Of course, when this happens, most people fear the worst possible scenario. Brain tumor? I thought it may be a sinus problem so I took sinus pills. They worked. But the headaches would return as soon as the pills wore off. “What is going on?” I wondered. Then, while […]