Our Addiction to Fast Living: A Race to Nowhere


You might be looking at society and shaking your head.

You see people everywhere rushing around, seemingly in a race to nowhere. And you may conclude that society is out of control.

Yet – amazingly – those who rush around, speed on the highways, talk fast and check their smartphone every 30 seconds – feel as though they are on top of the world.

The speed addicts don’t see themselves as flawed. They see themselves as progressive.

It’s as though we are divided by values – one which sees the importance of quiet contemplation, the other which puts being first as the ultimate, and only, goal in life, at any cost.

We live in an age that waits for no one.

But the price we are paying, as individuals, and society as a whole, is enormous. Friendships and family connections are dying because we are “too busy.” Lives are lost as drivers feel the urgent need to check a text message. Millions are becoming diabetic, the result of poor eating and endless stress – the by-product of speed. Decisions and judgement are clouded by rushed, unfocussed thinking.

Many today are asking: When will it stop?

The tide is trying to turn, albeit slowly. A new trend is emerging – that of “mindfulness” which demands that we look at the present moment, and reduce our obsession with the future.

Many of us are trying to slow down.

But in a world that worships, and even rewards speed, it’s not easy.

Perhaps the solution is to schedule our “quiet” time.

Perhaps too, we need to remind ourselves to relax. Physical ailments I have developed over the years, due to being under constant stress, are miraculously leaving my body as I take “relaxation” breaks through the day.

As bizarre as it sounds, I have to remind myself to do this.

I close my eyes, gently move my head and think only of positive thoughts.

I call it “being in tune with the universe.”

I eat slower, drive only in the right lane where everyone is not trying to tailgate me and I now start my day, not by checking emails, but by grabbing a coffee and spending 10 minutes listening to the birds outside.

I’m also encouraging others to live a more peaceful life of inner calm by giving them the time they need – to make decisions, return my phone call – even to help me out when I’m in need.

I am getting my life back, and hopefully, helping a few others do the same.

What if we all slowed down, even just a bit?

Would we have a better world?

8 thoughts on “Our Addiction to Fast Living: A Race to Nowhere

  1. Quite sometime I am finding your posts quite congruence with my thought processes. The beauty is that I feel rejoiced being expressed by your posting. Is it a miracle or what, sometimes I baffle. For the first time impressed with your posting on John Ruskin. Eversinnce your postings are catching my imagination.

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  2. Each and every line is meaningful…Wonder full article and it’s much needed in this fast paced journey of life. .


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