A Year Less Paranoid


If you’re like me, you occasionally worry about things which may or may not be true. That’s the darn annoying thing about it. I worry that the weird spot on my body is skin cancer. People will say “You’re worrying about nothing.” But the reality is – it could be.

I worry about every pain, as I am now in my 6th decade of life. New pains come. Old pains go. And who knows why they appear and disappear.

Many of us lead lives of pure paranoia.

What if I get fired? What if all my clients disappear? What if people die on me? What if I die? What if I walk out onto the street today and get run down by a truck? What if that maniac in North Korea fires a missile and it lands right on me? And what about that damn spot?

The list of things to worry about is endless. Each day brings a new thing to worry about, a new threat – real or imagined.

I read recently that people today are in a constant state of anxiety and suspicion, brought on by the state of the world, and triggering age-old instincts that had us worrying about being eaten alive by a dinosaur.

We hear in the news every day about horrific things happening to people. Things that are so unfair. Like the disabled woman who had her Christmas gifts stolen by a group of evil teenagers. Or the happy family wiped out in a few seconds by a hurricane.

And that’s what gives our own fears a degree of legitimacy. Deep down, we know that what we think about could indeed happen. It really could. And that’s what drives us crazy.

But I also know, according to the research, that over 90 per cent of what we worry about never comes true, or even has the possibility of turning to reality.

What an incredible waste of human energy.

I will never forget the story of the man who worried he would get a heart attack. He thought about it so intensely, that it happened. Worry it seems, if done correctly and with sufficient dedication, CAN manifest itself into reality. Perhaps it’s not the external world we need to worry about, but the power of our own minds.

If the mind is that powerful, I have decided to reverse things and start dreaming of a brighter future.

I have also decided that for the new year ahead, I will replace worry with gratitude. I need to think a whole lot more about all of the incredibly good things in my life. We all do.

After all, I am still here. And you’re still here too. We may as well enjoy the ride called “life” while we’re still kicking.

And look at your loved ones – your family members and your dear friends. They are miracles. We are so blessed to have them.

There is a lot to be thankful for going into the new year.

And yes, I will go get that silly spot checked. Better safe than sorry.

Happy New Year.

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