Don’t Ask Me What I Do For a Living

You’re at a social gathering and inevitably the question comes up: “What do you do?” In some parts of the world, this is a rude question to ask because it compels the questioner to pass judgement. They may look down upon you, as in: “Oh, he’s only a clerk. Not very smart.” Or, the questioner […]

It’s Okay to be a Bum

World famous investor Warren Buffet, 85 years of age, was recently quoted as saying the key to a long life is being happy and content with yourself. It certainly isn’t Buffet’s eating habits that keep him alert in old age. He has breakfast every morning at McDonald’s. As I pondered the words of this billionaire, […]

The Ultimate Coping Skill in a World Gone Mad

We humans have a big problem. We expect everything to be perfect – just the way we want it. But life doesn’t offer us that. Instead, it offers us chaos, problems, time constraints, stress and a whole lot of difficult people. It’s easy to be negative these days. I often hear people say that no […]

Make Sure Work Fits in with Your Values

Here’s the truth – many organizations today are operating against the values being adopted by more and more people. And that’s the source of a lot of unhappiness. Despite all the horrific things going on in the world today, something good has happened in recent years, especially among young people who want to make a […]

Will you be Mindful Today?

I was pacing in the office. Back and forth, like I do most mornings – walking 10 feet one way, then 10 feet the other way – not thinking about anything in particular. Finally, I grabbed a cup of coffee and sat down at my computer. I was hunched, uncomfortable as always, triggering pain in […]

How Mindfulness Cured My Headaches

For weeks, I experienced strange headaches. Of course, when this happens, most people fear the worst possible scenario. Brain tumor? I thought it may be a sinus problem so I took sinus pills. They worked. But the headaches would return as soon as the pills wore off. “What is going on?” I wondered. Then, while […]

It’s Time to Take in the Good

Our daily lives are filled with stress, anxiety and frustration. So it seems. It appears this way because those are the things we focus on the most. In reality, there are as many moments filled with good feelings. It’s just that our fast paced lives don’t allow us to stop and think about those times. […]