It’s Okay to be a Bum


World famous investor Warren Buffet, 85 years of age, was recently quoted as saying the key to a long life is being happy and content with yourself.

It certainly isn’t Buffet’s eating habits that keep him alert in old age. He has breakfast every morning at McDonald’s.

As I pondered the words of this billionaire, I thought about some of the happiest people in my life, and surprisingly, almost none of them have a big job or a lot of money.

In fact, most are freelancers – content to work here and there and live a simple life – free of stress.

One friend told me that everyone he knows thinks he’s crazy. People tell him he needs to get a real job. But, in his words, “That’s their agenda. Not mine.”

If a person is not hurting anybody, is able to pay all of their bills, eat, and keep a roof over their head – who are we to judge?

Being content with ourselves, according to psychologists, is the key to mental health. Other experts say it’s also the key to physical health.

Societal pressure does its best to give us a big guilt complex. If we are not earning a lot and doing a lot, we are made to feel unworthy.

I admire those who can live meagrely and still have a big smile on their faces, undeterred by the criticism of others.

We do not all have to be the CEO of a major corporation, a famous singer or billionaire. Indeed, many of such “accomplished” people live miserable lives, full of stress and problems.

It’s okay to set your own standards for success – not what other people decide for you.

As long as we can support ourselves, are happy, and content in our own skin – are we not filthy rich?


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