Make Sure Work Fits in with Your Values


Here’s the truth – many organizations today are operating against the values being adopted by more and more people.

And that’s the source of a lot of unhappiness.

Despite all the horrific things going on in the world today, something good has happened in recent years, especially among young people who want to make a contribution to society, rather than simply get rich and buy fast cars.

The corporate world is still stuck in a time when people wanted nothing more than a bigger TV.

Many of us feel going to work is becoming pointless.

The values we hold are not the values we see in the workplace.

Corporate insanity that highlights communications plans, spreadsheets and double-talk continues to cloud the real reason people want to get a paycheck. To make a difference in this world.

Numerous things need to happen.

Firstly, organizations need to dig deep to find out why they really exist and how they’re contributing to a better world, if at all (and if not, why not?). The broader good must then be communicated to everyone, clearly and strongly.

Fighting climate change, helping the poor, improving the environment or simply making life better for people – are among the overarching goals that should be part of the corporate DNA.

We all want to do a good job. But when corporations ignore our need for feedback and training, they do themselves no favors – ending up with a workforce that is demoralized and ill equipped.

If we, as contributors to society, are to be truly content, we need to be a lot more particular about the work we do. The first question at any job interview should be “Can you tell me about the values of this company?” If you’re met with a blank stare by the manager interviewing you – then you know there’s a problem.

Our personal values, like excellence and honesty, come into play as well.

So is basic respect.

It is sad to say that there is an enormous leadership vacuum in the area of values.

No wonder more and more people are leaving the corporate rat race to work for start-ups, or set up their own small independent business.

Whatever you do, make certain your values can shine.

Then, and only then, will you feel right.

4 thoughts on “Make Sure Work Fits in with Your Values

  1. Great. We know this, and business school even teaches us this – Ouchi’s “Theory Z”. Motivation comes from attaching to and aligning ourselves with something bigger than us. At some level, businesses do understand this, but as a stimulus-response, in order for action to occur. This is so much more than tactical. It’s more than self-actualization – an assumption that we all want to attach to something that will outlast our bodies. This is true meaning for living.

    The hard part is we can’t just have someone give this to us; even when we understand it, we have to earn it through hard, dedicated work. Go out in the desert, disconnect, and struggle. Let go of what you think is right. Then you can see the threads that exist beyond just doing things in order to get other things done.


  2. right when I think I couldn’t agree with you more-I do. You have nailed a huge problem honestly. We must contribute in a way that pleases us and it must be something we value. A paycheck keeps bills paid, and it may buy more stuff-but it nor the stuff is fulfilling. I so admire the workforce that is concentrating on their integrity of values-I have been re evaluating my own circumstances for a while now, because of this very subject. excellent read

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