News Flash – We Won’t Live Forever


A member of my family recently developed dementia, at the very moment he was looking forward to enjoying retirement.

He had worked hard all of his life and built up considerable wealth. As he aged, family members told him to start enjoying the fruits of his labor. But no, he said “I will enjoy myself one day.”

That day never came.

We believe that we’ll live forever. Many of us plan to take our riches with us to the grave. The future is infinite, we tell ourselves.

We all know people who live as though there is no tomorrow. You may be one of them.

Time is wasted in huge amounts. We spend it entertaining ourselves. We spend it watching limitless amounts of TV and YouTube.

We spend it “planning” instead of “doing”.

We talk about “later” as if it will always be available to us.

God has other plans.

My accountant said to me last year that we must spend our money during our life – enjoy it and live our life like an adventure, because we don’t know what tomorrow will bring.

He travels extensively, treats his clients to special events, and spends most of his time in laughter. He seems to be living like a drunken sailor and he is criticized for it.

But he knows the clock is ticking.

Our perspective is often determined by age.

Talk to any person who is 60 years old and they’ll tell you that the last 40 years went by in a flash.

The only resolution we need to make today is to live. To live our life to the fullest.

Tell those you love how much you appreciate them. Don’t worry whether they’ll reciprocate for that is not the point.

Worry not about failure, looking foolish, or what other people will think. In the final analysis, none of that matters.

This is the year of experimentation, trying new things regardless of outcome, and making our mark on the world.

Will you join me on the journey?

Photo credit: Mehedi Hasan Shohag

2 thoughts on “News Flash – We Won’t Live Forever

  1. Words of wisdom. I remember thinking people my age were really old but now I know that yes, I am old(er) but I am alive. Living. Happy to be here. Looking forward to more years or at least a good sleep with sweet dreams tonight and a tomorrow. Not sure if I am making a mark in the world but I like the experience.

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