Life’s a Bitch, or Is It?


Life’s a bitch and then you die.

These are lyrics of a 1994 rap song by hip hop artist “Nas” and his partner AZ.

For millions the world over, life is not the adventure it was meant to be. Rather, it is a struggle. To put it bluntly, “a bitch.”

Even in modern societies, where people have many things and money – life is sometimes a “bitch” as we struggle to find meaning and purpose.

The speed of society demands that everything take only seconds. Patience, reflection and empathy are in short supply.

Depression is at an all-time high.

As I think about the state of affairs, a great sadness comes over me.

But I take solace is knowing that life does not need to be a bitch at all.

There are things we can do to separate ourselves from the onslaught of negativity and indifference.

Things to ponder…

1 – If everyone else is too busy, why not make yourself available to those in need? This will give us a greater sense of purpose and worthiness.

2 – Others ask, “What can you do for me?” We can ask, “What can I do for you?” Make your life about service.

3 – Train the world to be aware of your clock. If I respond to all emails immediately as they come in, people will expect me to be available 24/7. But if I take my time to reply with thoughtful consideration, still within a timely fashion, others will grow to anticipate my responses a little later, but with greater quality.

4 – So many of us sweat the small stuff. We know we shouldn’t. but we do it anyway. We are wound up too tightly. Whenever I sit back and take a deep breath, I feel immediately better.

5 – The world is filled with lonely, anxious people. Tell those in your life that things will be okay, not in a patronizing manner, but through your belief in them.

6 – We must take time to reflect on our lives and think about what is really important. So much of what we do every day are urgent demands of others. Our own agenda becomes hidden. I am asking that you make time for yourself, by putting YOU into your daily schedule.

7 – Our voice is far more powerful than we know. I often feel as though I make no difference in this world. But a comforting smile, word of encouragement – and even just listening to another human being, has the power to change lives. We cannot under-estimate our own ability to affect positive influence, regardless of our position in the world.

8 – If things do not go my way, or take too long – I need to realize there is a reason. Every single experience, whether seen as “good” or “bad” is a vital learning experience that makes me stronger and more able to tackle tomorrow’s challenges.

9 – Let us see life as a miracle. Your heart is beating right now. Why? Look at your family – see how wonderful they really are. We are too busy to see the miracles of this universe. If we can just feel life and enter a state of gratitude, our entire outlook can change overnight.

Life can be a bitch. Or it can be the wonderful mystery, adventure and gift that it was meant to be.

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