Abraham Maslow: Practice Self-Actualization Today

He said Freud was an unhappy old man who never considered the human spirit in the health of the mind. Abraham Maslow, who died in 1970, was a different kind of psychologist. Rather than studying what goes wrong with a person’s mind, he chose to study what made the mind right. He called this state […]

Would You Leave Your Career for Love?

She was driving down a long winding road and suddenly suffered a heart attack, losing control of her car and plunging 120 feet down a mountainside. It was a tragic end to the amazing life of Grace Kelly, a famous actress who gave up the limelight for love. Grace Kelly did what many of us […]

Tiny News Stories Make Me Cry

She was only 13 years old. Riding a bicycle. Struck by a car and killed. Her name was not revealed. No details on the accident. It was a short blurb in the newspaper. The kind of “tiny” story that papers typically hide in a side column, tucked away from the major headlines of the day. […]

Life Shouldn’t Be About Winning

Today, our society is obsessed with winning. Enormous pressure is put on our youth to go out there and “win”. And if you’re not viewed as a winner, you’re seen as a loser, with no middle ground. This obsession eats away at our subconscious  – to the point where each and every day, we evaluate […]

Carnegie: 8 Ways to Lead a Happy, Worry-Free Life

He believed it wasn’t technical knowledge that made people succeed in business. But rather, their people skills. Dale Carnegie, author of the classic best-seller “How to Win Friends and Influence People” was a genius at people relations. Even though his book was first published in 1936, Carnegie’s recommendations on self-leadership are just as relevant today, […]