Will you be Mindful Today?

I was pacing in the office. Back and forth, like I do most mornings – walking 10 feet one way, then 10 feet the other way – not thinking about anything in particular. Finally, I grabbed a cup of coffee and sat down at my computer. I was hunched, uncomfortable as always, triggering pain in […]

It’s Time to Take in the Good

Our daily lives are filled with stress, anxiety and frustration. So it seems. It appears this way because those are the things we focus on the most. In reality, there are as many moments filled with good feelings. It’s just that our fast paced lives don’t allow us to stop and think about those times. […]

Kill Stress by Living Your Values

This can be a very busy time of year for many of us. Our “busyness” can discourage us and make us yearn for a simpler time. We tell others how busy we are and lament our “misfortune” at having too much to do. Yet, when we closely examine most of our “to do” items, we […]