How to Give Meaning to Your Life from the Deaf Composer

He did poorly at school, was suicidal, and was beaten daily by his domineering father.  Despite it all, Ludwig van Beethoven became one of the world’s greatest composers – surprisingly writing his best music when he became deaf. Beethoven believed his music would do more than entertain people – it would enlighten them and give […]

My Friend, It’s Time to Let Go

I want to liberate myself.  I want to give meaning to my life, to be a positive influence, “live” rather than “exist” and make a difference. It is time to let go of the world that was. False prophets, false people, false direction. Mindless routines. Loveless direction. Let go of things. Life is not about […]

What is the Purpose of Life?

We have all asked “What is the purpose of Life?” and nobody has yet come up with the definitive answer. I am asking the question again this day in the hope that we can find answers to lift ourselves up from the tedium of existence, making life less of a struggle and more of a […]

Tiny News Stories Make Me Cry

She was only 13 years old. Riding a bicycle. Struck by a car and killed. Her name was not revealed. No details on the accident. It was a short blurb in the newspaper. The kind of “tiny” story that papers typically hide in a side column, tucked away from the major headlines of the day. […]

Look Into the Sky Tonight

After a particularly hard week, I was exhausted and just felt like going outside to get some fresh air. I started to look up at the night sky and as I stared at the vastness before me, my problems suddenly seemed so small. I was in awe of the sheer endlessness of space and the […]