60 Years and What Have I Got to Show for it?

I stared out the window wondering what the future holds. This year, I turn 60. It’s a milestone that begs the question “What have I done with my life?” Much of the past is a blur as I struggle to recount accomplishments. Many of us who reach this age can feel as though we haven’t […]

Lessons Learned From My Long, Lost Father

I was 7 years old and remember him saying, “I’m going out for some cigarettes and will be right back.” He never returned. For years, I was angry about my father disappearing. How could a father do that to his family? Not even saying good bye. There are people who suffer issues of abandonment when […]

Tiny News Stories Make Me Cry

She was only 13 years old. Riding a bicycle. Struck by a car and killed. Her name was not revealed. No details on the accident. It was a short blurb in the newspaper. The kind of “tiny” story that papers typically hide in a side column, tucked away from the major headlines of the day. […]

Life Shouldn’t Be About Winning

Today, our society is obsessed with winning. Enormous pressure is put on our youth to go out there and “win”. And if you’re not viewed as a winner, you’re seen as a loser, with no middle ground. This obsession eats away at our subconscious  – to the point where each and every day, we evaluate […]

Lessons on Living a Meaningful Life from the Emperor

He was the Emperor of Rome in the years 161 to 180. While he waged wars, Marcus Aurelius is best remembered for his philosophy on how to live a meaningful life. His advice, over 2,000 years old, is worth contemplating. “Our life is what our thoughts make it. Many of us have rambling thoughts which […]

Before you do these things…

Today’s modern life can be chaotic, stressful and confusing. But if we choose a path different from what we normally take, amazing things can happen. Before you quit… Success can seem so far away. And yet, it’s right around the corner. JK Rowling, flat broke, had to send her Harry Potter manuscript to publishers many […]