Before you do these things…


Today’s modern life can be chaotic, stressful and confusing. But if we choose a path different from what we normally take, amazing things can happen.

Before you quit…

Success can seem so far away. And yet, it’s right around the corner. JK Rowling, flat broke, had to send her Harry Potter manuscript to publishers many times – to the point of absurdity. Then, a small publisher took a chance after the CEO’s 8-year old daughter fell in love with the story.

Success is waiting for you. It’s hiding but is close by. It’s often that one last push that makes all of the hard work before it worthwhile.

Before you talk…

It’s tempting to talk before another person has finished their thoughts. That’s because we think we know what they’re going to say. But mostly, we don’t. When we listen, we’re seen as someone who cares, understands and is empathetic. Use the power of silence.

Before you react…

The pace of life today is so fast, that we tend to react immediately to any problem or crisis. But there are few circumstances that demand an immediate response. When we acquire the discipline to pause and reflect, we can come up with solutions previously hidden, and respond in more appropriate ways.

Before you criticize…

On social media, people are quick to criticize. Gossip is everywhere. But, if we hold back and take the time to learn more about another person first – our eyes become open to their motivations and views. The door to mutual support then opens.

Before you end a relationship…

When we perceive that we’ve been slighted, we sometimes write the other person off. Often, we’ve simply misunderstood, or perhaps, the other person had a bad day. And so, before ending a relationship of any kind – remember that nobody is perfect and that everyone is having the same doubts and struggles as you are. Give the benefit of the doubt, and end things only when you’re sure the other person does not have your best interest in mind.

Today, it’s about personal branding. What values do you stand for? Do the opposite of what your old self would do, and stand out from the crowd.

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