The Biggest Problem in the World – Not What You Think

What is the biggest problem facing the world today? Is it terrorism? Certainly the killing of 50 innocent people at an Orlando nightclub by a sick gunman would indicate this is the case. Homegrown terrorism in the United States is a growing threat. But is it the number one problem? It is not. What about […]

Lessons in Innovation from History’s Beauty Magnate

She never told her age. It was only when she died in 1966 that the world discovered Elizabeth Arden had lived for 88 years. A woman before her time, this amazing Canadian-born entrepreneur almost single handily launched the modern day cosmetics industry. In the early 1900’s, lipstick was associated with prostitutes. But Arden changed all […]

Robert E, We Need You Now

General Robert E. Lee came very close to changing the course of world history. But it was not so much his talent on the battlefield that earned him universal respect – it was his character. Indeed, General Lee of the U.S. civil war, was the kind of leader we so desperately need today. 1. Leadership […]

Cicero: 7 Ways to be an Outstanding Manager

He was one of the greatest public speakers of ancient Rome. Philosopher, lawyer and politician Marcus Cicero, would end up murdered. But while he lived, he expressed a management philosophy that is remarkably relevant to today’s rough and tumble business world. In practicing the sage advice of Cicero, we can become outstanding managers. 1. “ I criticize […]

Before you do these things…

Today’s modern life can be chaotic, stressful and confusing. But if we choose a path different from what we normally take, amazing things can happen. Before you quit… Success can seem so far away. And yet, it’s right around the corner. JK Rowling, flat broke, had to send her Harry Potter manuscript to publishers many […]

Einstein: 8 Ways to Lead Yourself Without Being a Genius

He never attributed his accomplishments to his brilliant mind. Rather, he credited his character – his simple curiosity combined with relentless determination. Albert Einstein went so far as to say he was not smarter than other people. He just stuck with things longer than anybody else. It’s a great lesson in self-leadership for us all. […]

Confucius: 9 Ways to Better Leadership

He died believing his teachings had little to no impact. How wrong he was. The ancient Chinese philosopher Confucius advocated leadership with self-discipline and self-control. His principles would be adopted more widely long after his death, both in China and the West. What Confucius taught 20 centuries ago is applicable to leaders of today and […]