It’s Good to be Alive

I read the other day that most people believe the world is getting worse – and yet, said the article, there are more improvements to daily life now than ever before. Advances in medicine, technology and the workplace are overshadowed by our own sense of hopelessness. In effect, our collective mood is not recognizing the […]

Hope is Not a Plan

For years, my business and life plans were based on hope. I would expect a miracle to happen. I was going to win the lottery, a long lost rich uncle would die and leave me his fortune, or a huge corporation would discover me and hire me. But it became apparent that “hope” was not […]

Ancient Advice for a New Year

The best advice for the coming year may very well come from thousands of years ago. These ancient scribes have a lot to say about how we should live and do business in 2018. “What we achieve inwardly will change outer reality.” – Greek Philosopher Plutarch This was a hard lesson for me to learn. […]

We’re More Similar Than We Think

Today, people emphasize their differences from one another. It leads to argument, broken relationships and in a larger context – war. Yet, science tells us we are all closely related and pretty much the same. One scientific study by Dr. Georgia Purdom of Ohio State University indicates that the genetic variation between all people is […]

The Funny Thing about Money

At the end of a seminar I attended recently, the moderator said to me, “People have no clue about money. Most will end up broke.” My accountant always tells me that the majority of people are working for the banks and for the government, even though they don’t know it. In other words, their money […]

Going Nowhere Fast? Ideas Will Save You

It was late. I stared at my computer screen wondering what to do. My business was doing poorly, it seemed as though nobody wanted to talk to me, and my mind was in a fog. This sad state of affairs was not many years ago. It was this past week. Often, when we get down, […]