Getting Older Isn’t That Bad

In a month from now I will turn 60 years old – an age I once considered “really old”. One of the strangest things about getting older is the realization that other people you once thought of as much more advanced than you – are, in fact, only a few years older. I was shocked […]

How Will You Use Your Time Today?

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about time – how quickly it disappears, and how much I sometimes want it to just stop. Each day, for weeks, I woke up, knowing that my own inability to focus and tendency to just mindlessly surf the web, combined with inevitable interruptions from other people, would result […]

How to be Successful in Spite of Yourself

At age 9, he was kicked in the head by a horse. He once almost drowned. He suffered from malaria, a disease transmitted by mosquitoes that has the power to kill. He disliked his first name, preferring that people refer to him by his last name. A store he owned with a partner went under, […]

Use Your Imagination – Advice from Edgar Allan Poe

He considered himself to be insane, saying he had “long intervals of horrible sanity,” skipped a meeting with the President of the United States because he was drunk, and died under mysterious circumstances.  Famous writer Edgar Allan Poe left a legacy of wild, creative thinking. This bizarre, troubled genius of history can teach us today […]

How to Find Your True Calling – Lessons From the Man Named Bell

He refused to have a phone in his office calling it a “distraction”, spent most nights reading the Encyclopedia Britannica, and almost worked himself to death. Alexander Graham Bell, credited with inventing the telephone, followed his curiosity to discover his purpose. For millions suffering from a lack of direction, Bell’s life is a blueprint for […]

What Have You Got to Lose?

I have a good friend who has been unemployed for 2 years. He’s smart and can be very charming, when he wants to be. His expectations have always been high, so he has said no to a few opportunities which he felt were beneath him. Recently – he was in a perpetual state of despair, […]