Let the Words of Voltaire Free Your Troubled Mind

He was hated by the establishment of the day because he dared to say people should have the freedom to believe what they want. French philosopher and writer Voltaire, a thorn in the side of the French government and Catholic Church, paid a price for his belief in freedom, being sent to jail and exiled […]

Janis Joplin: Lessons in Authenticity

The voice is unmistakable. Nobody sounded like Janis Joplin, and nobody has since. Called the first lady of rock and roll, Janis Joplin was a fighter from the start. As an overweight teenager with acne, she rebelled – choosing to wear men’s shirts. Other students cruelly called her a pig. She had few, if any, […]

Einstein: 8 Ways to Lead Yourself Without Being a Genius

He never attributed his accomplishments to his brilliant mind. Rather, he credited his character – his simple curiosity combined with relentless determination. Albert Einstein went so far as to say he was not smarter than other people. He just stuck with things longer than anybody else. It’s a great lesson in self-leadership for us all. […]