A New Way to Look at Today


Close your eyes and tell me what you feel and hear.

Your heartbeat.

Why is it beating?

It’s a miracle.

Look at your spouse, children and friends. Think about how wonderfully complex they are. How beautiful they are. Think of what your life would be like if they were not on this planet. They must be seen as the miracle they truly are.

Go outside. Feel the wind. See the majestic trees, mountains and creeks. What is keeping nature alive? Could it be that nature too is a miracle?

Far too often in our lives, we pass over the daily miracles before us. In our complacency and everyday tedium, nothing seems special. And yet, the mystery of life surrounds us.

We are lucky to be here, to be alive and to experience miracles.

Let us walk away from our screens and our problems to bow our heads and contemplate the miracle that is us.

Let us vow to remind others that they too are a miracle, fortunate to be part of the world.

And now, see in your mind’s eye how problems seem so much smaller – how complaining seems futile, and why tomorrow will be seen with fresh eyes.

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