Life is a Wonderful Thing


Many people these days are in a foul mood.

They look grumpy. They complain…a lot. They’ve become meaner than they used to be.

The stress of the recent U.S. election and all of the many negative issues it raised, the sagging economy, the state of world affairs – it’s all viewed as a mess. And it plays on our subconscious.

If we let it.

I tried this past week to take a different look at the world.

I stared at people’s faces. Not in a creepy way! But in admiration and wonderment.

We are all walking miracles.

As I looked at my family and friends, I realized just how precious they are.

Look all around you. What do you see?


If we can let go of our busy lives for a few minutes, put down our schedule books and turn off our computers – we can gaze at the great outdoors and free our mind to simply appreciate.

Appreciate and be in awe.

Because what we see every single day is the mystery of life.

Our connection to the forests, the land, wildlife – it has been there since day one and is more significant today than ever.

Yet we take nature for granted.

Indeed, we often fail to even acknowledge its existence.

As I write this article, I am aware of my heartbeat. Mine is stronger and louder than most – so much so, that I once sought medical help to calm down my rapid heart.

It gets worse, of course, with a few cups of coffee.

After speaking to numerous doctors, I decided that – no, I would not take any drugs, but instead I would leave my body exactly the way God gave it to me.

While I sometimes cannot sleep because of my loud heart, I love hearing it. It is an ongoing reminder of life’s incredible power.

It ticks away, letting me know that every minute – every second – is precious and of value.

Life is about choice.

We can choose to see what is right in front of us – wondrous miracles.

Or we can see this planet as a festering pool of decay.

As long as there is life, there will be hope.

But that hope starts with believing and respecting the greatness of life – all of life.

We have not only the ability to rise above our problems and refuse to let them destroy us – but an obligation to see the good of the world, promote it and help others see it too.

Then, we can become the people we were meant to be. Whole, happy and loving.

From this point on – try to see that other world.

You know…the one full of miracles.

One thought on “Life is a Wonderful Thing

  1. Thank you Cory. You are correct… There is so much beauty around which is hidden by bad and negative feelings. Quite moved by your heart beat. It reminds me that life exists because it ticks. Keep well my friend 😊🌈

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