I’m Looking Forward to a Year of Failure


I’m pretty sure I’ll never be famous.

I may never accomplish anything of any great significance. It’s very possible that my best days are behind me.

The year ahead, I am quite certain, will be filled with self-doubt, money struggles, lost opportunities and distractions powerful enough to knock me off my game.

I’m okay with all of that.

Because there is one thing I dearly look forward to.


Many failures.

In fact, I want to embrace failure like never before.

I will be trying every idea I have ever wanted to put to the test. Will they all fail? It’s very possible.

But that’s really not the point.

The point is that through it all, I will become inextricably more experienced than I was last year.

I will become phenomenally smarter.

I will be able to say that I am far more experienced.

Each failure will lead me down a path I had not thought about before, and those new pathways, or at least one of them, is bound to be successful. Now that’s an exciting thought!

I will meet more people, and this will enrich my life.

I will be authentically busy, rather than just “using up time.”

I will, in my pursuit of failure, attract new opportunities, new people and new ways of thinking.

Failure is good.

Failure will empower me, motivate me, humble me and lead me.

I didn’t fail enough last year.

And that was a big failure (but only one).

So yes, I do look forward to 2017 being a great year of failure.

Hey, how about you?

4 thoughts on “I’m Looking Forward to a Year of Failure

  1. Cory, seems we look at the same person differently.. hahaha. I was just sharing some thoughts about your blog to a close friend, commenting that I hope to be as successful as you. I have been so inspired! Hmmm, I’m gonna guess your failure sure looks like success from a different vision. Let me gaze into my crystal ball and advise what the words have in store for you my blogging friend,… Ah yes, I see it, lots of words, and there I am holding something in my hands to give to you. Oh dear its falling… Gratitude can be very heavy when you have a lot to give. #ThankYou #GratitudeAward #Blogger1

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      1. Truth is I needed your advice to help me through 2016… Keep failing because your lessons are rich with learning. I believe you are the success you cannot see…hope I can show you one day 😊

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