We Will Live Forever


Most people live like they’re going to go on forever and ever.

Time is wasted in huge amounts, procrastination is the norm, and important actions and decisions are put off until it’s too late.

It was that way with a member of my family who delayed all the things he wanted in life. Then suddenly, seemingly without warning, he was struck down by dementia and today lives a lonely, meaningless existence in an institution.

His dreams, aspirations and desires – gone.

Sometimes we think to ourselves “I should tell my family I love them, but not today. I will wait until tomorrow.”

Can we live as though tomorrow does not exist and do today, whatever we can and should?

Is “being busy” justification for not doing what is important in life?

One of the great tragedies is untapped human potential.

I have so many friends with incredible ability who spend their days waiting. They seem to be waiting for a miracle to fall out of the sky. Inaction is rampant. And no nudging or pleading can get them to move.

Why? Simple. They will live forever.

Others I know are abusing their bodies with drugs, alcohol, extremely bad eating and high stress to such a degree, that death seems to be at the doorstep. But it’s okay.

There will be enough future time to stop the bad habits, recover and be healthy.

They’ll be living forever.

If we pause for a moment, right now, to realize that within 120 years – every single person on this planet will be gone – we can gain a different perspective. Everyone you love, ever have loved, and ever will love – is not going to be here. And you won’t be either.

Sadly, for the most part – we will also be forgotten. With the exception of famous people – the majority of humanity will simply vanish and no future generation will give it a thought.

And so – we’ve got this present moment.

It’s really the only thing we have for certain.

We really should put it to good use.

Because I have a funny feeling we’re not going to be here forever.

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