You Cannot Lose – So Says the Swami


He believed it did not matter if you were a religious person or not, as long as you cared about others.

Swami Vivekananda was a monk and yogi who, 120 years ago, introduced yoga to the Western world and quickly developed a huge following in the United States and Europe.

He taught that being unselfish was the key to lasting happiness. It’s a message we need today – emphasized through these four powerful quotes.

1 – “Take Risks in Your Life. If you win, you can lead! If you lose, you can guide.”

There is no such thing as losing. The Swami reminds us that if we try, but do not reach our goal, we can become a teacher – letting others know about our experiences so they may gain. The Swami had a different definition of success than we do today. Success, he contended, is about sharing.

2 – “In a conflict between the heart and the brain, follow your heart.”

Each day we struggle between what we feel and what we think. The Swami believed you can never go wrong with your feelings. Your heart should be what guides you in today’s complex world.

 3 – “The greatest sin is to think yourself weak”

Each of us has enormous strength we do not see and often do not use. Weakness, believed the Swami, is a state of mind. Strength is as well. You have the power to choose.

4 – “You have to grow from the inside out. There is no other teacher but your own soul.”

Give no power to others. Instead, realize that you have power, far more than you can imagine. The process starts with accepting yourself, knowing what you want – then giving yourself permission to go after it.

Swami Vivekananda believed that life is about participation, not intention. You may intend to do something but never get it done. Venture out in the big, bold world and experience life as the adventure it was meant to be.

 © 2016 Cory Robert Galbraith, All Rights Reserved.

5 thoughts on “You Cannot Lose – So Says the Swami

  1. Oh wow. What a simple philosophy. We human make life difficult yet Life is simple if we simply modify our thinking. I’ve ordered his biography can’t wait to receive my copy.


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