Your Reality Will Determine Your Success


Two people will enter the office today – each with the exact same amount of time available. Each with the same information at their disposal. Both eager to get the job done.

One will accomplish a lot. The other will not.


Is one smarter than the other? No. They both have the same IQ.

Is one able to understand people in a more effective way? Their EQ (Emotional Intelligence) is also similar.

What about their social intelligence? Surely, one has the ability to partner with the right people, more so than the other? Actually, their social intelligence is also equal.

Perhaps one is simply lazy or distracted? The two are hard-working and all distractions have been removed.

And so – all things being equal, and with both people doing their best – how is one person able to acquire success and the other is not?

The answer: Each has a different view of reality.

The successful person believes much can be accomplished.

The unsuccessful person believes it will be too difficult to get everything done.

Your reality – how the mind perceives possibilities – is the key determinant in outcomes.

Researcher Shawn Achor in his ground-breaking book “Before Happiness” says this is not just about positive thinking.

It’s about how much of your intelligence you believe you can put to use.

“Believing” and not intelligence is the reason why Grade A students often find themselves working for Grade C students. And why people who struggle in school can go on to become leaders.

Most people falsely believe that if they wish for something enough, and if they are positive in their outlook, they can be successful.

But missing is, firstly – a recognition of obstacles, and secondly – a belief that you have the resources to find a way around those obstacles.

Is it realistic to think you can accomplish your goals today?

You decide.

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