My Struggle to Relax


For years, I have been tense.

I am not a relaxed person, so even a simple thing like typing on the keyboard puts me into a state of stress. The extent of my condition became very clear to me 3 months ago when I began to study and practice mindfulness. I was suddenly aware of my physical state.

I noticed my teeth grinding, my jaw locking, my shoulders becoming hunched, my neck contorting and my forehead frowning to the point of constant headaches.

I forced myself to relax. Oh, this is so difficult, because when you have habits formed over many years – trying to break them in a few weeks is torture.

When I first relaxed my body and mind – it felt incredibly unnatural.

It didn’t feel right at all.

I had become so accustomed to living in a perpetual state of high anxiety that relaxation was foreign to me.

But slowly, as I forced myself to calm down – a greater sense of peace emerged.

Just this week, I noticed how comfortable I was in my own skin. It’s a strange sensation to be this “normal.”

A few things have taken place since I have stopped my self-imposed prison of stress.

My mind is so much more relaxed that it’s coming up with a million ideas a minute.

Relaxation of the mind is when great ideas come to the fore.

I also have more energy and can exercise with greater intensity.

Even my conversations with people have improved. Rather than showing impatience, waiting for them to stop talking – I listen. I just sit there and listen.

The headaches are gone too.

Others tell me I have changed, for the better.

There are those in the medical community who say that 80 to 90 per cent of all ailments are rooted in stress.

In fact, the danger of high stress is far more powerful than any of us realize.

Why are we all in such a hurry?

Why are so many of us so tight that we’re on the verge of exploding?

Let’s be aware of how our minds and bodies are reacting, every minute of the day.

Catch yourself when you’re getting too stressed.

Force a meltdown.

Then – be calmer, gentler and witness ideas flood your brain.

You know your mind and body better than any doctor – or anyone else.

It’s time we listened to our inner voice.

4 thoughts on “My Struggle to Relax

  1. Lovely article, Cory. Thank you very much!

    Would like to consider this as one of the best topic chosen…

    Only one word in your article that I would like to see be replaced is; ‘Force’.

    ‘Force a meltdown’. Instead, I would like to create awareness of the current mind state of stress. And once the ‘simple awareness/ observation’ is established, the mind begins to get back to its calm state (which is the natural state of mind). The greatest challenge is, to create this ‘simple awareness/ observation’.

    Its a huge task for any human to break this disastrous habit that gets built ever since the person is born… But thankfully, we are living in the age where such techniques are being taught in its printine and scientific manner.

    So thanks again choosing this topic. Would like to read part 2 on this topic; more in detail.

    Good day!

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  2. I feel you, Cory. My situation was similar a few years ago, and it took me losing a lot of weight, and chronic migraine to wake me up from that condition. I’m not completely clear from that, but I’m way more aware of the impact of that constant state now. Are you finding yourself reverting periodically, and having to train yourself over and over again?

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