Where is Common Courtesy?


I’ve been in business a long time and over the years, I’ve seen the level of common courtesy go progressively down.

It’s at the point now where basic courtesy doesn’t really exist anymore.

Many people use the excuse that they are busy, as if, somehow, that makes it alright.

It doesn’t.

Not returning emails or phone calls.

Looking at a smartphone while in conversation with someone.

Cutting people off on the road.

Is it stress?

Is it a deterioration in societal norms?

Or is that people have just become indifferent to how they may be perceived by others?

Whatever the reason or reasons – there is one good thing about this onslaught of rude, unattractive behavior.

It provides a huge opportunity for any start-up business to establish a powerful brand by doing the exact opposite, and being respectful of customers and employees alike.

30 years ago, I would never have imagined that common courtesy would somehow become a competitive advantage. Back then, most people practiced it. Certainly anyone in business, if they wanted to succeed.

Today – it’s a rarity.

Be that person who actually does follow up. Build a reputation of being “human” – reliable and consistent.

And then – watch the cash flow.

3 thoughts on “Where is Common Courtesy?

  1. The norm appears to be that there are no norms. ‘No limits’ have replaced the sky as being the only limit. There are examples of successful people, who have achieved success by crossing limits of ethics, decency or whatever old-fashioned terms our generation has to describe a code of conduct. One possible reason is interaction turning digital. It reduces the pressure, and provides cover of anonymity in some cases. It draws out the basest instincts in people. ‘Who does it?’, or ‘You must be the only one to …’ kind of responses have always perplexed me. Is it meant to justify a particular behavior, or segregate the other person as an outcast?

    As you say, maybe it is cyclic and good manners return with a vengeance.

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  2. Cory, Good post as usual. Yes, I agree with you — I sometimes wonder where common courtesy has gone. The only behaviour that I can affect is my own. And so in the midst of (sometimes) declining courtesy I try to do things that reflect common courtesy like returning e-mails and phone calls, and focusing/listening to people as we talk. — Jamie.

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  3. once again-good point. I too would not have foreseen that courtesy could be such a drawing card for a business-an edge, but bow I agree it would make a difference. I too wonder,why our society doesn’t practice the most basic forms of politeness. What happened? good post.


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