Why So Many are So Frustrated


We are told to be happy, eat less, exercise more, be more open, be better leaders, better employees, and better people.

There is just one problem with all of this self-help advice.

The emphasis is on getting to a better place, which in turn, reinforces the fact that right now – we’re in a less than desirable place.

We are inadequate.

That’s the message, the feeling and the self-talk that runs through our minds relentlessly day and night – fueled by media, friends, family and the workplace.

We’re just no good.

We need to be fixed.

The result is an endless stream of frustration suffered by millions.

But what if we accepted ourselves, exactly the way we are, and adopted a more casual attitude towards moving to a better place?

What if we could both accept “what is” but also made moves to a higher direction without believing that we are a failure if we don’t always succeed? In other words, what if we cared a little less?

Have you ever noticed that when you try something but don’t care how it turns out, you succeed? Ever notice how easy it was?

The anxiety that accompanies the need to be perfect, right and successful can be counterproductive to an extreme.

Yes, of course we can all improve. There are so many things I need to improve upon, even after almost 60 years of life, it often depresses me.

And therein lies my point. We ought not to be depressed.

Rather – I must see the value I bring to others and the world.

I must strive to be thankful that I am alive, healthy and active.

We don’t need to be “fixed”.

We are who we are.

And tomorrow is a new day.

Forgive yourself. Avoid beating yourself up. Love yourself.

Be yourself.

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