You Can Become the One


Today, many of us are looking for a savior.

We’re looking for that one other special person who will love us.

That special person we can talk to.

That person who understands us.

In a sea of social media verbiage, we yearn for human contact.

Recent studies show that the most contented people (and the healthiest) are not those who spend all their days on a keyboard, but rather, those who take the time to meet people face to face.

But if you can’t find special friends to comfort you – a person to confide in – a shoulder to cry on – then the best thing to do is become that remarkable person yourself.

In all my years on this planet, I have learned that the universe gives back what you put in.

That’s the way this strange world operates.

In my younger days, I waited.

I waited for love. For friendship…kindness and understanding.

They did not come.

Instead, I was given sadness, fear and the cold, brutal reality of indifference.

It was only when I – yes, little old me – decided to give of myself that finally, the warmth of humanity made itself known.

We can become “the one.”

We can be the light in the darkness experienced by others.

In doing so, we find our purpose.

Wait not for “the other” but rather, become “the other”.

Do so willingly without any expectation.

It is then that the miracle of the universe will work its magic.

To receive love, give love.

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